Monthly Toolkits

Educate your team with up-to-date & relevant information that can be easily disseminated to everyone on key topics of health & well being.

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Health Checks

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Wellbeing Workshops

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Work Life Program

Group and individual programs that are designed to hone in on the areas that have been identified as needing improvement.

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How we do it?


Step One


Before starting any program, it is important to get a benchmark of where you are starting from. The simplest way to achieve this is through organisational reviews and workplace health checks, both of which can completed together or on their own.

Step Two


Once an organisation has established its current health and wellbeing status, it is then easier to begin improving the health literacy of its employees through Wellbeing Workshops or Management development training. This improves both knowledge and skills which then provides a solid foundation of change.

Step Three


Once a positive change starts to occur in an organisation it is important to create an environment in which it can be sustained. Through consistent development of individuals and groups in key areas that your company wants to focus on a significant transformation can be sustained which allow growth in a KPIs. Programs that would be beneficial are, Monthly Toolkits, WorkLife Program and Management Development Training.

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Pre-employment medicals

Pre-employment medicals are now a key component of any injury prevention solution, designed to identify possible risk factors due to pre-existing ailments, which in turn can help to minimize workplace incidents and injuries. Having a professional medical examination prior to employing staff results in reliable savings in workers compensation premiums in the event of workplace injury or

illness. We provide both onsite and off-site assessments and work with local medical centres across Australia to provide services in any region at any time that is convenient to your organisation.

Organisational & Cultural reviews

“Changing an organization’s culture is one of the most difficult
leadership challenges. That’s because an organization’s culture
comprises of an interlocking set of goals, roles, processes, values,
communication practices, attitudes and assumptions.”
– Steve Denning, Forbes Magazine

Practical support and guidance are essential in assisting you to put in place the right future focussed strategy and processes; grow and embed the right behaviours, skills, culture and leadership; which will in return help you deliver on your promises successfully, meeting your targets and goals.

Being Proactive With Your Mental Health

Behavioural Change Coaching

Behavioural Change Coaching is a relatively new concept that organisations in many different countries are finding to be essential for assisting individuals in changing or improving behaviours that would otherwise negatively impact on their work and home lives.

The nature of change is complex and goes hand-in-hand with education and guidance from a coaching professional as well positive support from the workplace and family.

Management Development Training

The majority of managers come into there position because they are exceptional at the technical side of their role, so they seem like the ideal candidate when the time comes. However, most companies do not have the in-house training available to provide managers the skills to deal with their new responsibility of managing staff and all that goes with it.

Regardless of if you are new in management or have been a manager for years but would like to develop better skills and strategies, Management Development training is an ideal way to learn systematically what it is you need to do to communicate, delegate and motivate your staff to the best of their ability.

Professional health services


All our programs focus on prevention and sustainability. It makes sense financially and culturally to have your employees feeling good in every possible way.

Proactive organisations which implement health promotion strategies in the workplace have been found to reduce their employee’s health risks factor’s by up to 56%.

In organisations where workplace health is managed well, financial performance increased by more than 2.5 times.


360 Health Management has conducted various tailored health appraisals and serviced businesses across many industries helping them implement and maintain their wellbeing programs. We take pride in the fact that we have always received great results and positive feedback.

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